Sunday, April 20, 2008

Salman Rushdie on his "relationship" with Amiee Mullins

Here is an except from a scottish newspaper on the whole Salman Rushdie and Aimee Mullens "relationship"

The media were, from start to finish, fairly sniffy about the May-to-December nature of his relationship with Lakshmi, who is over 20 years his junior. In the days before this interview it has been reported widely that Rushdie is now seeing Aimee Mullins, the young American athlete and model.

"The papers!" he spits when I ask about this. "It's just tabloid shit. Only a couple of months ago I was in love with Carrie Fisher apparently. Before that I was having an affair with a Bollywood actress. Aimee is a dear friend of mine, and so is her boyfriend. The Daily Mail sent journalists to doorstep her boyfriend's mother and offered her money to talk about the fact that Aimee and I were, apparently, going to get married. I constantly find myself having to apologise to women and telling them that this is the downside of being my friend."